The Why

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Origin Story

My obsession with human optimization began in 3rd grade when my family and I decided it was no longer cute that little “Cory John” had a tongue thrust that caused him to speak with a lisp. I was enrolled in speech therapy and remember coming to a decision point on whether or not I was going to take it seriously and make a lasting change. I realized it was all on me, no one else could do it for me and I was staring down a lifetime of fearing words with the letter “S.” 

I made the clear choice that I would overcome my speech impediment at any cost and then practiced like hell. After my transformation I was in awe of how I could change my reality so rapidly... and wait, what? There are contemporary Jedis, real life Obi Wan Kenobis, who had secret knowledge and training to guide my journey? I heard the call to adventure of transformational work even then, but as the hero’s journey teaches us, my refusal of the call was to come next. 

Refusal of the Call

Sometimes refusing the call of one's mission can lead to incredible experiences with even more incredible people. I had the privilege of studying business at Santa Clara University and working in the technology sector (at places like Google, YouTube & Twitter) helping to build and sell products with a focus on trying to disrupt industry at scale.

However, after 10 years it became clear my calling to disrupt human consciousness at scale could no longer be put off. I finally crossed the threshold, left my lucrative career ladder in tech to travel the world and, upon returning, start a new life. Ever since, I have been coaching and training humans committed to the kind of 10x growth the tech sector drilled into my head.

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Master of Two Worlds

My training and experience as both business person and coach allow me to offer a unique perspective to my clients and organizations. My clients receive empathy, explanations using their language, real life examples to bring concepts to life, and world class coaching and consulting. 

In my diverse work with startup founders, executives, individuals, organizations, couples, and young adults I focus on measurable, transformative results. I lead with infectious passion, energy and sense of humor. 

  • Cory earned his Bachelor of Sciences in Commerce with a focus in Marketing and Technology from Santa Clara University. 
  • Cory is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). He is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Institute of Professional Coaching Association (ICPA). 
  • Cory is a trained Somatica® Method Practitioner, a relational and experiential body-based therapy focused on relationships and intimacy. 
  • Cory created a card game (Know Your Humans!) focused on human connection through play, is an avid meditator, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and volunteers as a counselor at a summer camp for kids with cancer and their siblings in the Wilderness and Outdoor Leadership Program (WOLP).

Life is a game with many levels: choose which ones to play or build your own -- then learn the rules, improve your skill, play with joy, help others win and collect many gold stars along the way.